Fuel Lock™

New! Introducing Fuel Lock™

For Personal or Business

We know that fuel is expensive and you need an effective way to protect it. Eliminate your worry with Fuel Lock™, the automatic fuel locking system giving you peace of mind. Whether you’re a one-person operation or one with multiple employees, Fuel Lock™ has a solution for you.

Security in Numbers

Fuel Lock™ uses a keypad entry system sending power to your pump allowing fuel flow. After you’re finished fueling, it automatically locks afterward in a time increment that you choose. Just punch in your PIN number, fuel up and go. It’s that simple.

Got employees? Get app connectivity with Fuel Lock™ for Business. It keeps track of employee PIN usage via mobile app updating you in real-time by text or email alert.

Fuel Lock - Front Image Fuel Lock iPhone

Fuel Lock™ features:

For Personal For Business
Connection to new or existing pumps
Auto lock timer
Compatible with 120V power
Weatherproof enclosure
Single user capability
Fuel Lock™ app connectivity*
Controls two types of fuel**
Multiple user capability
Enclosure tamper alert
Real-time text and/or email alerts
PIN usage reports

*Data fees apply to Fuel Lock™ for Business. Fees are based on number of users; data fees start as low as $25/month. Please see dealer for details.
**Ability to control and identify two separate power sources.

Not sure which Fuel Lock™ is right for you? Learn more. Visit www.fuellock.ca