Fuel Lock ™

Fuel Lock™ uses a keypad entry system sending power to your pump allowing fuel flow. After you’re finished fueling, it automatically locks afterward in a time increment that you choose. Just punch in your PIN number, fuel up and go. It’s that simple.

Got employees? Get app connectivity with Fuel Lock™ for Business. It keeps track of employee PIN usage via mobile app updating you in real-time by text or email alert.

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The award-winning BIN-SENSE® LIVE system gives you instant access to your stored grain anytime, anywhere.

  • Proven reliability
  • Easy to use 24/7 grain bin monitoring
  • Temperature and moisture sensor cables for grain monitoring
  • Grain level indicator/theft security for your crop storage
  • Text and/or email alerts when changes occur
  • Solar powered with battery backup or optional 115V AC adapter
  • Compatible with existing installed temperature cables and moisture cables
  • No software, contracts or customer care fees keeping grain storage costs low

BIN‑SENSE® Fan Controller

Control your bin fans at the touch of a button with the award-winning BIN-SENSE® Fan Controller. The BIN-SENSE® Fan Controller connects your aeration fans through your BIN-SENSE® LIVE system allowing fans to be controlled remotely from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

A BIN-SENSE fan controller.
  • Turn bin fans on or off or create a timer from your smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Automatic shut off option for vibration
  • Temperature/Humidity sensor monitors intake at the fan

Compatible with all single and three phase certified aeration fans

Image of a BIN‑SENSE Direct, which is wirelessly communicating with a smartphone.


The BIN‑SENSE® DIRECT system is our on-site handheld grain monitoring tool.

  • Transforms your smart phone or tablet into a handheld monitoring solution for the storage of grain
  • iPhone and Android compatible with free download of the BIN-SENSE® APP
  • Connects to your device via Bluetooth or headphone cable
  • This monitoring equipment is used with temperature and moisture sensor cables
  • Compatible with existing sensors, such as OPI Blue, and other crop storage systems’ cables
  • Share data (cloud sync) option for multiple devices
  • Upgrade at any time to BIN-SENSE® LIVE for remote grain storage monitoring
Temp Cable 3b1

BIN‑SENSE® Monitoring Cables

The BIN-SENSE® moisture and temperature monitoring cables are designed for a wide variety of grain storage equipment including flat bottom bins, hopper bottom bins, elevators and other storage containers.

  • Accurate temperature and moisture sensors for grain storage management
  • Innovative swivel head design
  • Centering flange for easy, accurate alignment in the grain bin
  • Designed to fit roof brackets
  • In-field serviceable design on grain bin monitoring cables
  • Available in standard, premium and industrial strength
  • Roof bracket options are available for monitoring cable groups or custom grain storage system installs