As we connect more customers to our expanding BIN-SENSE® line of products an opportunity has been created to offer better service, and long-term support. To support your investment, we are pleased to announce a new program, IntraCare. IntraCare offers three Assurance Plans for customers who wish to extend their product coverage beyond the one-year limited warranty.

Your investment is always protected

With the IntraCare Assurance Plans, you choose a plan that’s right for you and your operation.

Why purchase an IntraCare Assurance Plan?

• Additional protection against product damage
• Peace of mind knowing your investment is secure
• Opportunity to take advantage of promotional pricing
• Continued support and customer service from dealer

IntraCare gives the option of three Assurance plans – Basic, Standard and Premium

BIN-SENSE® LIVE users can take advantage of discount pricing from June 1 to September 1, 2018.
New IntraCare for BIN-SENSE® LIVE
Plan Coverage
Basic Standard Premium One-Year Warranty
Annual price during 90-day promotional period per customer total data block(s)* $180/block $225/block $270/block n/a
Regular annual MSRP after promotional period per customer total data block(s)** $255/block $315/block $385/block n/a
Master Units, Remote Units, Fan Controllers
Temperature Cables and Moisture Cables X
New Replacement Products X X
Transfers with Sale or Trade
Accidental Breakage Coverage X X X
Free Technical Support
Free Software Upgrades
Deductible Discount on Product Replacements 50% 60% 70% n/a
*Current BIN-SENSE® customers must purchase during June 1 to September 1, 2018. Exclusions may apply. Please see dealer for details.
**1 data block = $180 annual data fee. Basic, Standard and Premium plan prices are in addition to annual data fees.

All BIN-SENSE® LIVE customers are eligible for discount plan pricing during the promotional period. The discounted plan price is applicable every year for the lifetime of your product.

Fee Example: A customer has 3 data blocks costing a total of $540 in annual data fees. During the promotional period the customer pays $540 for a basic plan. If the customer purchases this plan after the 90-day promotional period, the basic plan will cost $765. Customers that opt in early save $225!

Total yearly cost during promotion = $540/annual data fee + $540 (basic plan fee) = $1080
Total yearly cost after promotion = $540/annual data fee + $765 (basic plan fee) = $1305

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