IntraGrain – ABEX Awards

IntraGrain – ABEX Awards Grain in the bin doesn’t always equate to money in a farmer’s pocket. Just ask Kyle Folk. Kyle’s parents operate the family farm in rural Saskatchewan and years ago experienced a loss due to spoiled grain. They were unable to fill an order and, therefore, didn’t receive their payment for countless… Read more »

IntraGrain – Ernst and Young Award

IntraGrain – Ernst and Young Award Kyle Folk was just thankful to be a nominee at this year’s awards banquet in Calgary. Winning the EY award for the manufacturing category was a bonus – a big one for the president of IntraGrain Technologies Inc. “It was definitely a proud moment and something that was very… Read more »

IntraGrain Technologies Inc. invents smart handheld monitor

IntraGrain Technologies Inc. launches BIN‑SENSE® DIRECT at the 2015 Canada’s Farm Progress Show. View the full press release here.