About Us

IntraGrain Technologies Inc. is a family-owned business operating in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our mission is to provide quality, cost-effective, innovative solutions for grain storage monitoring to any size of farming operation.

IntraGrain’s founder Kyle Folk grew up in a small farming community in Saskatchewan and understands the importance of staying connected to the farm. After witnessing a financial loss on the family farm due to spoilage he began searching for a better, more convenient way to monitor stored grain. With the help of engineers in Saskatchewan, BIN-SENSE® was developed and IntraGrain continues to grow and help more farmers retain the quality of their stored grain.


“At IntraGrain, we understand the importance of being connected to your farm and keeping your stored grain safe. Whether you are at home, on the go, or thousands of miles away, our products will help eliminate your risk and keep you in control.”

– IntraGrain Technologies Inc. President Kyle Folk


Making customers’ lives easier through asset intelligence.


IntraGrain offers practical tools for business owners to effectively make decisions, eliminate waste, reduce risk and maximize returns.


Our work will be guided and informed by our belief and commitment to:

  • Openness – we are dedicated to a culture of teamwork and collaboration and demonstrate this by empowering employees to be creative and accountable for their work.
  • Quality – we seek to create the highest quality products through employee and customer input. Please view our ISO9001:2015 “Quality Policy Statement”
  • Security – we believe customers deserve to have secure assets and security in knowing they possess ownership over their data.
  • Inclusiveness – we respect people and value diversity.
  • Social & Corporate Responsibility – we encourage employees to give back to the community and strive to be a responsible partner for those who place their trust in us by conducting business in an ethical
  • Family– we are a family business and recognize people’s commitments to their families.
  • Health & Humor – we support healthy active lifestyles that promote wellbeing and reduce workplace stress through friendliness and good humor. We create a fun, though a little bit unorthodox, environment.
  • Be Determined, but Be Humble.